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Workplace Investigations

An independent, thorough & balanced resource.

When faced with a difficult workplace situation, it is all too easy to take things at face value and make assumptions, and I understand the temptation to want to resolve the issue quickly.

For many small businesses there is a limited resource in terms of available and/or suitably experienced or skilled people who can be completely neutral, and who aren’t potentially needed later in the process.

Conducting an independent, thorough, and balanced investigation is essential, to ensure fairness to the individuals concerned, as well as ensuring that a proper process is followed, making informed decisions which help to mitigate risk and protect the reputation of your business.

With extensive experience of conducting a range of workplace investigations from straightforward to complex and potentially sensitive situations, I support you through every aspect, either virtually or face to face, by providing you with an independent resource to help you to establish the facts of the case.

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